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At Rapid Parcel & Post its is our aim to bring you the most competitive courier prices possible. For this reason you will only ever pay according to the exact dimensions and weight of the parcel you want to send. Over simplistic pricing stuctures sometimes used means you can pay more than necessary if the your parcel just sneaks into a new weight band –this won’t happen at Rapid Parcel, you be charged according to the exact dimensions and weight of your parcel.

Our helpful staff will weigh and measure your parcel, input the data in the Rapid Parcel to determine your parcel’s price based on its weight and dimensions

The below table gives an indication of what you can expect to pay for items of the following weight and size

Size & Price Guide (UK, European & International Deliveries)

Maximum Recommended Weight & Size United Kingdom
1-2 Working Days
European Union
1-3 Working Days
USA & Canada
1-4 Working Days
Rest of World
1-5 Working Days

270 x 360mm





305 x 250 x 230mm





305 x 305 x 305mm





450 x 305 x 305mm





X LARGE 10kg
405 x 405 x 405mm






Please note the above prices are indicative prices only and that each destination will be charged acording to the
courier and zone it sits within. Prices include VAT where applicable. Collections are not made at weekends or on
Bank Holidays. Parcels will be subject to security and customs inspections. Some international parcels may have taxes or duties levied by local customs authorities. If so, the recipient will be required to pay such taxes or duty on or after the delivery.

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