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We take our responsibility to ensure the safety of your parcels very seriously, but you can do your bit to help by making sure that your items are packed correctly.

Whether you use your own packaging material or buy it from our online shop or retail outlets at airports and railway stations, it’s important that your items are placed in appropriately sized boxes and that these are filled with enough cushioning material to ensure the safety of the contents.

  • Boxes
    The most important packing item is the box you choose to use. If it is too small or large for the items you’re sending they are more likely to be damaged or to cause damage to surrounding packages. Boxes should be made from industry standard, durable, double-walled corrugated cardboard – very different from your everyday cardboard box.
  • Cushioning material
    Bubble wrap, polystyrene chips or tightly screwed up newspaper can be used to pad out the inside of your box to protect your items and make sure they don’t move about too much. If your items are delicate make sure they are positioned centrally, away from the sides of the box. Do not overfill the box with cushioning material as that will increase the likelihood of it splitting open, and if your item has sharp edges make sure they are covered.
  • Tape
    The seal on your box is very important. Too weak and you run the risk of your box opening before it’s delivered. Securely seal all edges where your carton flaps meet with 48mm or 50mm wide plastic or reinforced carton tape – do not use household tape as this is not strong enough. Also, do not tape or lash together two or more boxes in any way as they may well snag and separate while in transit.
  • Cylinders
    Do not use rounded cylinders to send maps, blueprints or other documentation as they are easily crushed. Where possible use triangular cylinders as their angled sides increase their rigidity.
  • Leak-free containers
    When shipping items that contain liquids you should use leak-proof containers. Lightweight sealable plastic bags should then be used as a secondary layer of protection from leakage. This is to safeguard not only your items, but also others that could be leaked upon.
  • Labels
    If your items are considered delicate place clear “FRAGILE” and “HANDLE WITH CARE” labels on the outside of your package, and if you are transporting liquids add a “THIS WAY UP” label as well. These labels need to be added in conjunction with careful packing, never as a substitute for it.

For all the highest quality packaging material you could need for your parcels, to ensure their safe transit and delivery, visit our online packaging shop or your nearest Rapid Parcel & Post outlet.

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